Our programme of events, classes and workshops support a range of ages and abilities. We welcome everyone to have a go, from the curious to the professional. Our education and outreach activity is growing so we encourage your ideas and feedback about what you’d like to have a play with.

If you are an individual, a school or a community group we’d really like to hear from you. Drop an email to rachel@puppetplace.org and tell us what interests you.






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What is the future for puppetry and collaboration?

12 July (Tues) 6-8.30pm

Ages 18+


at Puppet Place Unit 18 Albion Dockside Estate,

Hanover Place, Bristol, BS1 6UT



We invite you to join us for an Open Space conversation about the future of puppetry and collaboration.


Puppet Place is a dedicated space for creative practitioners in the heart of Bristol offering fabrication, rehearsal, and office space – but we want it to be so much more than this. The building, and the people who work and play within it, are a fantastic source of innovation and insight. We think this means we can do more, be better and create conditions for puppetry to thrive – a Collaborative Hub.

We are working with a diverse group of creatives exploring this very topic using an overarching question: “Puppet Place – A Collaborative Hub?“  We have only just started out on this journey and we want to ensure that we get different voices in the room before we go too far and are keen to test out our ideas with you!

We’re finding that each conversation leads us to new areas, more questions and more ideas.  We want to be provocative, and to push ourselves beyond our usual boundaries. The topic for this current phase of conversation is:


Does the future growth of puppetry lie outside the arts?

How do we currently define puppetry?

Puppetry is an artform that strides across boundaries and gets under your skin. It is a powerful tool for self-expression and reconciliation and a vibrant performing artform. Its origins are ancient, often enshrined in religious ritual, yet its tendrils reach into the latest robotics and AI research. All these forms also share the same basic principle of “bringing the inanimate to life”.

We recognise these myriad forms in our work. This means we include stop-frame animation, filmed puppetry, object manipulation as well as bunraku-style, string and rod marionette, shadow puppetry, ventriloquism, glove puppetry, automata and robotics within the puppetry family.



Eventbrite - Puppet Place - what is the future for puppetry and collaboration?


Creative Cafe with Pickled Image’s Dik Downey FULLY BOOKED!

14 July (Thurs) 7.30pm

Ages 18+


at Puppet Place, Unit 18 Albion Dockside Estate

Hanover Place Bristol BS1 6UT



Creative Cafe is our bi-monthly meet up to explore the ideas that are percolating at Puppet Place and beyond. In July we will be joined by resident artist Dik Downey (Pickled Image).



This event is now fully booked, however there are often a few places on the night so we do recommend coming along. There’s also a rather nice pub over the road – The Orchard Inn – if you can’t get in.