New Visions: Film

Co-curated by Show Me The Animation & Joseph Wallace


7:00 pm Fri 28 August - Sat 5 September

Tobacco Factory Theatres (Pop Up Cinema)



A ripe selection of new visions in puppetry on film and animation from the most talented and inventive graduate students. These programmes precede shows at Factory Theatre, in our special pop up cinema.

Show Me The Animation is created for the animation community providing information on the latest news, events and festivals. They also host a regular animation night at the Cube Cinema in Bristol.


Domestic Dreams

Fri 28 Aug & Thu 3 Sep. 19:00. 30 mins

My Stuffed Granny - (2015) 10mins 11s Dir: Effie Pappa. NFTS

The Bigger Picture - (2014) 8mins Dir: Daisy Jacobs. NFTS

MANOMAN - (2015) 10mins 41s Dir: Simon Cartwright. NFTS

Facing Facts

Sat 29 Aug & Wed 02 Sep. 19:00. 30 mins

El Patron - The Pablo Escobar Story - (2012) 5mins Dir: William Child. Northumbria University

Head Over Heels - (2012) 10mins 21s Dir: Timothy Reckart. NFTS

Tenderfoot - (2014) 5mins 29s Dir: Jessica Ashman. RCA

Edmond - (2015) 9mins 22s Dir: Nina Gantz. NFTS

Fear and Desire

Mon 31 Aug & Sat 05 Sep. 19:00. 30 mins

Dis\connect - (2014) 2mins 35s Dir: Doug Hindson. Kingston University

Devil in the Room - (2014) 7mins 54s Dir: Carla MacKinnon. RCA

Love and Papercuts - (2015) 4mins 17s Dir: Dann Parry. Farnham University for the Creative Arts

The Thing Under The Tree - (2013) 6mins 27s Dir: Lillian Fang. RCA

I Am Tom Moody - (2012) 7mins Dir: Ainslie Henderson. Edinburgh College of Art

The Mind’s Eye

Sun 30 Aug & Fri 04 Sep. 19:00. 30 mins

The Beast I Am - (2013) 9mins 32s Dir: Sam Steer. RCA

Fulfilament - (2015) 7mins 37s Dir: Rhiannon Evans. NFTS

Pombo Loves You - (2015) 11mins Dir: Steve Warne. NFTS

Time and Space

Tue 01 Sep. 19:00. 30 mins

Moonbird - (2014) 5mins 52s Dir: Roos Mattaar. UWE

Rufus and the Island - (2014) 2mins 12s Dir: Adam Taylor. University of Falmouth

Fragile - (2015) 3mins 54s Dir: Elizabeth Anne Stone. UWE

A Glowing Future -  (2014) 4mins 7s Dir: William Davies. Farnhame University for the Creative Arts

Dr Mandala - (2013) 3mins 28s Dir: Jasmin Hedger. University of South Wales

Operator - (2013) 7mins 19s Dir: Sam Barnett

Image: Man O Man (2015). Simon Cartwright © National Film and Television School


Running Time 30 mins

Ages 12+


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