Associate Artists


Our Associate Artists are part of our wider community who use puppetry and animation as part of their practice. They work in a variety of settings from community arts to the film industry.



Bee Daws Puppetry |

Bee is a puppeteer, puppet maker and director. She uses inspiration from everyday to inspire her performances in theatre and film.  Bee also offers workshops, parties and small performances for events.

Emma Byron |

The Otherstory is a Bristol-based collective of puppeteers, activists and musicians committed to telling stories that are playful, political and run counter to the narratives of the powerful.

Stephen Watters |

That Creative Thingy Wotsit are a group of professional and semi professional artists who work collaboratively on projects. The group owns its own pop-up theatre.

Tom McDonagh | Studio Resident at Pervasive Media Studio

A theatre maker who develops new ways to use light in live performance. Interested in 19th century science, modern optics, and shadow puppetry.

Jean Goubert |

Jean is a musician and performer who works in theatre and circus. He is also a woodworker and welder who builds theatre sets and props.

Charlotte Warburton |

Charlotte is a artist and designer maker. Since graduating from Wimbledon College of Art in 2014 she has developed a set of “hands on” skills in fabrication and painting used in the making of puppets, props, sculpture and scenic art.

Matthew Whittle |

Director, performer, dramaturg, producer, improviser and devisor. Co-director of The Wardrobe Theatre, Closer Each Day Company, The Smoking Puppet Cabaret and member of Beyond The Ridiculous.

Greg Stephens |

A puppet maker and performer who creates films of fantasy puppets; dragons, goblins and monsters. Writes children’s and historical books under the name Cornelius Clifford.

Tessa Bide |

Tessa makes innovative theatre for family audiences, based on original stories and featuring puppetry, live music and physical theatre.

Anna Wilson |

Anna works with many different people from a multitude of backgrounds on arts and media projects, helping organisations and individuals tell their stories and find creative solutions to their concerns.

Katie Underhay |

A puppeteer, puppet maker and designer. She tours with Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company and is the founder of Peafrog Puppetry and based near Weston-super-Mare.

William Teller | 

Will is a storyteller and performer.

Tomasin Cuthbert |

Soap Soup Theatre are dedicated to making excellent devised theatre for a family audience. Combining spell binding puppetry, heart warming characters and immersive soundsscapes, they take you on a journey through the imagination, with their delightfully unpredictable story telling style.

Lady Strong’s Bonfire |

Lady Strong’s Bonfire is a Bristol based theatre company, co-founded by Tomasin Cuthbert, Liz Hart and Tessa Bide. They make powerful and joyous theatre for predominantly adult audiences with passion, integrity and a team of talented hand-picked collaborators.

Emma Williams |

Emma is a theatre director collaborating with writers, designers and performers to create work that reflects the tragic and hysterical world we inhabit.

Thomas Sale |

Tom is an aspiring built environment designer and maker, redefining the boundaries of an architects role in the future. He currently works in the realms of small intervention, community engagement and temporary architecture.

Lucy Dreznin |

Director and producer of youth theatre in venues across Bristol, including productions of Shakespeare, contemporary ensemble theatre, and puppetry.

Nix Barnaville |

Nix is  a producer, facilitator , teacher and performer of theatre and circus arts, specialising in Theatre for young audiences. She collaborates with playful artists , children and young people, working in partnership with venues, community organisations and in educational settings  to create engaging and exciting performance arts experiences.

Mayra Stergiou |

Mayra is a performer, puppeteer and director.  She is interested in creating work that touches the links between dance and puppetry and multimedia.

Alex Goodman |

Alex performs with Moving Panorama, an early form of animation which is back lit making it reminiscent of magic lanterns/shadow puppetry. She also uses some basic shapes as shadow puppets as part of the performance.

Lukasz Puczko |

Professional puppeteer, puppet maker and designer and theatre photographer. During the summer Lukasz can be found performing in festivals around Europe. Off season he designs and makes puppetrs for theatre venues and companies. He is also an experience theatrical photographer.

John Jones |

John’s work is about ancient and modern Welsh mythology and how masculinity is portrayed in it. He uses puppetry and costume to create surreal, comedic performance art and films that dissect what role it has in history his identity with reference to rituals, folk art, homoerotica and the carnivalesque.

Jacqueline Avery |

The MakeShift Ensemble creates theatre on stage, off stage and all about. exploring physical ensemble performance in all its forms as a tool for engaging, affecting and pass on the story. They explore all forms of puppetry and object manipulation as part of their practice.

Adriana Meirelles |

An animator, and director, Adriana has an MA in animation from UWE and moved to Bristol from Brazil two years ago. She also works in theatre, making animations that interact with performers. Her work mixes stop-motion with motion graphic and she is truly passionate about puppets!

Sylvia Hunt Presents |

Artist, performer, producer and writer working in theatre, cabaret, street theatre and performance art, Sylvia’s work is for adults and family audiences. She primarily works in physical theatre and clown and uses puppetry  as part of that world of large than life characterisation and storytelling.

Charlotte Whitten |

Monkey Trousers Theatre is a Bristol based company producing original plays for families and schools. Using live action and puppetry, we perform regular adventures in the original theatrical sitcom for families: Mr Gotalot’s Gotalot Shop.

Lucy Bishop |

Lucy is a theatre maker and a puppeteer. She is a founding member of the award winning physical theatre company The Outbound Project who incorporate puppetry and object manipulation within their work and offer puppetry workshops.

Jack Stiling |

Jack makes moving sculpture and automata, He has worked for independent performers, museums and galleries around the South West, as well as the Film industry. As well as his own practice, he works with creative communities to offer technical advice and practical services. He has been a part of bringing performances from the page to the public, building a diverse range of contraptions to meet unique requirements.

Trevor Houghton |

Trevor is a puppeteer and puppet maker working mainly with Otherstory – a collective of puppeteers, artists and musicians.  Trevor has trained with the Curious School of Puppetry in London.  He has experience of creating and performing in various puppetry media including live animation, shadow puppetry, paper theatre and large street puppets.  He also has a background as a print-maker (primarily relief printing) as well as a writer/storyteller/illustrator.

Our Associate Artists scheme provides a variety of benefits including:

• Discounted rates and residencies in our fabrication and rehearsal studios
• Dedicated training and skills sharing sessions
• Support and Knowledge sharing via our online network
• Networking Events with other Associate and Resident Artists
• Discounted rates to Puppet Place events


To become an Associate Artist of Puppet Place costs just £20 per year. Please note we have a fixed renewal date of 1 April. This means that if you apply at other times of year, you will then need to renew on 1 April. Please find the application form below. We review all applications and will notify you of our decision within 2 weeks.


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