Puppet Place is your hub for all things animated on stage and film in the UK. We are dedicated to sharing our passion for puppetry and animation with the wider public and supporting artists and professionals working with these artforms. Our building, on Bristol’s Harbourside, is home to a community of resident companies and artists producing brilliant work in puppetry, animation and the creative sector more widely. We support the greater puppetry and creative sector through residencies, networking and training.


For the public we run events, workshops and activities in Bristol and beyond, including the internationally recognised, Bristol Festival of Puppetry. Check What’s On to find out more.



Our Message To The UK and The World

23 June 2016 is a day when our world changed.

We are still discovering what those changes are, but there is no going back, we can only go forward.

As we start to deal with the new reality, we have been thinking hard at Puppet Place what our role should be. This journey is only just beginning.

The referendum result has exposed the depths of the divisions in British society. These divisions are painful but they must not be ignored.

Puppet Place offers itself as a space that welcomes frank discussion and diverse opinion.

We believe that by talking and listening with each other, we better learn as a society to accept difference and work together to make a better world for all.

Puppetry is a universal artform that communicates across language barriers, cultural, national, generational, political and social divides.

Puppet Place dedicates itself across all its activities to breaking down these barriers and divisions.


Thank you

Rachel McNally – Executive Producer on behalf of

Puppet Place Board, Staff, Resident Artists and Creative Group.





Puppet Place was founded by Di Steeds and Jim Still in 1984. It offered resources and training in puppetry to artists in the South West and ran regular workshops in schools. In the late 1990s the organisation lost its funding and was forced to close.
In 2007, four Bristol based companies came together to reinvigorate Puppet Place: Stuff & Nonsense Theatre Company, Full Beam Visual Theatre, Green Ginger and Pickled Image. In 2008, we moved into one half of our current premises, Unit 18. In 2009 we ran the first ever Bristol Festival of Puppetry and decided to continue it as a biennial event. Since then, each festival has grown in ambition and scope.


In 2014, Puppet Place developed from a largely voluntary run organisation and we appointed our first Executive Producer – Rachel McNally and started to run activities and events outside of the festival, including workshops, a puppetry prototype and our first international presentation, Stuffed Puppet’s Punch & Judy in Afghanistan, in collaboration with Tobacco Factory Theatres.


In early 2015, Puppet Place secured the lease on Unit 18 and took over the whole building, with the support of our previous landlords, Bristol Old Vic. We are now developing our building and our work to provide further support and development opportunities for the puppetry and animation communities in the UK and introduce more people to the wonders of all things animated!
Puppet Place would not exist without the support and goodwill of the artistic community in Bristol and we offer them our whole-hearted thanks.







Katie Keeler – Chair

Katie is the Co-Director of Theatre Bristol and an independent producer and consultant. She is Vice Chair of the Independent Theatre Council.


Savita Custead – Trustee
Savita leads Bristol Natural History Consortium as well as the Education and Engagement programme for Bristol 2015.


Dan Danson – Trustee
Dan runs The Bike Shed Company, building high quality bike sheds from sustainable timber.


Laura Purcell-Gates – Trustee
Laura is Co-Artistic Director of Wattle & Daub Figure Theatre and Senior Lecturer in Drama at Bath Spa University.


Chris Pirie – Bristol Festival of Puppetry Co-Producer

Chris is Artistic Director of Green Ginger and is a puppeteer, designer and fabricator.



Puppet Place Team


Rachel McNally – Executive Producer & BFP Co-Producer

Rachel is Puppet Place’s CEO. She has previously worked as a producer and tour booker for Full Beam, Pickled Image. Stuff & Nonsense Theatre Company and The Devil’s Violin Company. She is dedicated to promoting Bristol as a city of puppetry and exploring the relationship between puppetry, other artforms and walks of life.



Emma Windsor – News & Features Editor

With a passion for the Gothic, the macabre and the downright odd, Emma Windsor specialises in stop-motion animation. She produces work as ‘White Rabbit Animation’.


Luke Gregg – Facilities and Operations Officer

Luke is a designer & fabricator whose background is rooted in Fine Art and Interactive design. His passion for puppetry stems from giving movement to the inanimate, creating kinetic, reactive work. Having previously worked in UWE’s Fabrication Centre, and currently within Ashton Park’s Design & Technology department, Luke has vast technical expertise and experience in the arts and education.


BFP Festival Team :
Rachel McNally – Co Producer
Chris Pirie – Co- Producer
Nic Prior – Production Manager